Multiple Locations?

Centralize your purchasing and maintain brand control.

Great for franchises, affiliates, and dealers.

a group of people standing on a stage

You aren't in the same location,

but you can be on the same page.

Reward Store is an essential tool when managing teams in multiple locations. By centralizing your purchasing, decorating, packaging, and shipping distribution systems you can ensure brand consistency across the board.

This is going to free up some SERIOUS bandwidth!

Key Advantages



With virtually unlimited customization options, we turn the blah into DUDE - all within your brand guidelines.

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By giving them the gear they actually want, they'll rock it! Imagine your brand on someone's new favorite sweatshirt - that's maximum visibility for a one time investment.

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Ensure high-quality, on-trend merchandise without any bandwidth taken (we manage it all). To make it even sweeter you can customize your Reward Store with รก la carte options to tailor your experience.

But will it save me from...

boring company culture?

We're all about staying in the loop with the latest trends - it's kind of our thing! We've got a knack for knowing what people are after. So if ditching the boring so you can build something seriously cool sounds like a GREAT idea, Reward Store is for you!

onboarding headaches?

We offer a complete onboarding solution so you have everything you need in one place. And the info is secure. I mean REALLY secure.

administering uniforms?

We'll gather sizing and preferences from your crew, customize to your specifications, and drop ship directly to them! No more nightmares of tracking down info and distributing items. No more storing items hoping you've got another large polo somewhere while cursing the pile of 2XL's that no-one wants.

But the BEST part? No minimums! They order what they need, when they need it.

spending hours boxing kits individually?

Your time is valuable. Do you really want to spend it assembly line style? We've got it down to a science saving you both time and money (and cardboard paper cuts)!

keeping track of who gets which prize?

With our gamification option we can track contests from beginning to end leaving you to focus on money-generating activities.

poor first impressions?

When you're not all in one place it's tricky to show your new people the best that you have to offer. Logistics, lag time, incomplete onboarding info - it's a literal nightmare. Reward Store will keep them impressed and excited to be part of your organization!

lack of storage space?

You got a killer deal, but you had to order 250 to get it. Now you're stuck storing items but you'd really like your break room back. We offer storage and fulfillment services because you've got better things to do.

lack of engagement?

We know how hard it is to keep excitement up. With our quick turnaround times - most items leave our shop between 2-5 business days - it will keep them engaged. Add our Gamification services and watch your numbers climb even higher!

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Reward Store is part of the POSER family of brands, harnessing unbeatable merchandising solutions that skyrocket the exposure and relevance of our partners' brands. We don't simply excel at this; we assert dominance. ๐Ÿ‘Š