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acknowledge and reward the behaviors most important to your business

Strengthen brand loyalty by sending 'Thank you' gifts, rewarding customers for positive Google Reviews, and more!

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Elevate your rewards experience!


What if?

You had unparalleled customer appreciation while at the same time your business revenue was growing?

Ever wished?

You had a magic wand to sprinkle some extra love on your customers, employees or affiliates?

Simple Solutions

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loyal customers









5-star reviews




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customer care

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Here's your part

Set Initiatives

What behaviors are you trying to influence? Each behavior should represent a direct value to your business. You need to determine the value of each behavior you're influencing.

Set Collection Pricing

Once you've set your initiatives, you'll set the pricing for your Reward Collection(s). If the business activity is worth $25 to you, we'd create a collection of Reward items ranging between $20-$30.

Start Sending

You can send as many Reward Codes as you want - We can automate these emails based on specific business triggers - You only pay for Rewards that are confirmed and fulfilled.

Tangible Benefits

Sometimes the solutions are hiding in plain sight.

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Tailored Rewards, On-Trend Choices

Why settle for the same old rewards when you can dazzle your tribe with top-notch, trend-setting goodies? From slick tech gadgets to snazzy wearables, our selection is like a treasure chest of joy that aligns perfectly with your brand's awesomeness.
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Boost Engagement and Loyalty

Who said rewards can't be personal? Dive into the joy of customized experiences that not only make your people happy but also gather insights like a pro. Because let's face it, a little personal touch goes a long way in building everlasting bonds.
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Seamless Online Experience

Navigating our platform is as easy as pie! Your squad can effortlessly choose their rewards, making the whole process a delight. No more hassle, just heaps of happiness in a few clicks.
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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Ready to shine bright in the market? Propel your brand forward by promoting cool new stuff, collecting those coveted 5-star reviews, and staying ahead of trends. With us, you're not just keeping up; you're setting the pace!
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Security and Scalability

We've got your back! Our platform is Fort Knox when it comes to security, and as your business soars, our scalability ensures you're always ahead of the game.

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