Organizational Culture

Experiences, Beliefs, Actions = Results

In our new world of the Great Resignation, "quiet quitting", and anti-work sentiments are all on the rise. It's more important than ever for business leaders to focus on workplace (organizational) culture if they want to adapt, grow and win.

Whether intentional or not, your company has a culture.

Is your culture deliberate?

Your culture is based on repeated experiences that lead to, and reinforce, your teams' beliefs, actions and results.

The Facts

Workplace culture is made up of experiences that shape employee beliefs, which in turn drive actions and results. Workplace culture is the foundation that company goals and results are built upon.

1 in 3

U.S. workers will pass on their perfect job if the company culture isn’t a good fit. 


of employees report they feel disengaged at work. That's $7 trillion in lost productivity.


U.S. employees report feeling  OVER stressed at work


of Americans view benefits & corporate culture as more important than their salary.

Team solving problem

The Good News 

Company's that embrace Culture Strength report: 

  • 10% higher customer metrics
  • 20% higher sales
  • 17% higher productivity rates
  • 21% higher profitability

  • Remember: One experience does not make a culture. Your purpose is why. Your strategy is how. Your culture is the way you achieve strategy through sustained behavioral change. Many experiences combine to shape employees' beliefs about what it means to work at your company.

If you're serious about improving business outcomes,

improving your Culture Strength is the first place to start.

The role of the culture-first leader has evolved. It's less about telling people what to do and more about creating the environment where people can do well. Not only is it good for the bottom line, but it's the right thing to do.

The Results Pyramid

Building Culture on Purpose

The Results Pyramid demonstrates how the successive foundations of work culture build upon each other to create results. In the pyramid, experiences lead employees to hold beliefs that influence the actions they take, which in turn affect the ultimate results of the company.











Experiences affect the perceptions we have about a company and our place in it. Internalized experiences drive our perception of workplace culture. These perceptions in turn affect the beliefs we hold.



Beliefs inform what we choose to focus on. They are intrinsic motivators. Our behavior, priorities, and goals stem from our beliefs. Both positive and negative beliefs are reinforced over time by experiences that support them. Our goals then affect the actions we take.



Actions stem from our intention, which are predicated on beliefs and experiences. Because actions demonstrate whether employees have internalized an organization's values and goals, actions are the best way to measure the effectiveness of your culture. The actions you take lead to your end results.



Results are the summation of all of the other layers of the Pyramid: Experiences lead to certain beliefs; beliefs lead to certain actions; actions lead to end results. If you want your results to change, you have change the experiences, beliefs, and actions that lead up to them.

Clarify your Results

Just remember the 3 M's


Hold others responsible for non-delivery of results. Accountability leads to experience, which shapes beliefs. Without accountability for the result there's no incentive to drive the experiences that lead them.


Assign units of measurement and track progress. Transparently track metrics and deadlines. Little wins add up and boost morale.


Use the rule of three to make your results memorable. For example, what are the three daily results your culture is designed to achieve?

Own your Actions

Make it Personal

The end goal is to create experiences that increase employee fulfillment. Research supports these primary levers to increase employee fulfillment. Your employees should be able to answer each of the following with ease:
Purpose: Can I connect what I'm doing to something bigger than me?
Autonomy: Do I have sufficient control to be a factor in the outcome?
Mastery: Is this something I'm capable of being good at?
Feedback: How much progress do I see relative to my goals?
Social Interaction: Do I feel a sense of community and safety on a team?

Let's Build Something


Results-driven culture doesn't happen overnight and building your new culture will take time, resources, and ongoing development if it's going to succeed. Let us help give your company fresh experiences and beliefs to drive action and results.


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