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Grow your Sales Performance with Games!

Data-Driven Gamification Software

Experience remarkable results and transform your field sales team with Reward Store's cutting-edge gamification solution. By harnessing the power of data, our solution motivates your team through gamification, leading to improved sales performance. Don't wait, experience the future of sales performance now.

The winning recipe

Treat it like a sport!

Over the last 20 years, independent sales producers (direct sales) have successfully utilized spiffs, incentives, and competitions to maximize their performance. Nowadays, the rest of the world has discovered the effectiveness of a high-performance culture. By utilizing our private labeled application, you can elevate your sales team to new heights with improved visibility, reporting, control, and gamification.

Private Communication

Secure and Reliable

If you are managing a professional sales team, it's to ditch What'sapp and Groupme - opt for a professional sales tool.

Real-Time Scoreboard

Competition Platform

If your running a sales competition and don't have data in real-time, you're leaving major money on the table.

Area Management

Data Tracker

Create and assign specific areas for each sales team. Drop pins and track lead progression through completion.

Massively Improve NPS

Reputation Module

Track review requests from every member of your team. Create incentives and awards based on positive reviews.

Create a Culture of High Performance

Raise the Tide

Hack the Code



Raise all boats in the harbor

In most cases, sales organizations consist of a few highly successful representatives and a majority of underperforming individuals. This can be a source of frustration for managers. However, by implementing Reward Store, you can effectively elevate the performance of your lower and average performing representatives. At the same time, this approach also adds value to your top performers, resulting in the development of a stronger sales team overall.

Unlocking Natural Instincts

It is common knowledge that sales reps possess a competitive nature, but at times, it can be challenging to control. Our software provides managers with the means to tap into their reps' competitive spirit and achieve exceptional performance milestones.

Remove the Need for Overthinking

The Reward Store app effectively motivates and involves every member of your organization, regardless of their level of experience. By implementing Gamification, key performance indicators (KPIs) are enhanced, leading to increased sales. Additionally, managers have a enjoyable, effortless, and hassle-free method to promote and develop improved sales practices.

Real and tangible ROI

There is evidence to support the effectiveness of gamification in various professional sectors, including sales. Sales teams, in particular, experience a significant boost in pre-sales activities by an average of 43% and a 35% increase in successful deals closed. This serves as undeniable proof that gamification technology yields positive results.

Understanding Human Behavior

Getting to know your team

Uncover the individual motivation preferences of your sales representatives - whether they fall into the categories of Killers, Achievers, Socializers, or Explorers. By gaining insight into what truly drives your team, you will ignite their determination and empower them to achieve remarkable success, surpassing previous sales records.

The 4 Types of Players

The Bartle taxonomy of player

The Bartle taxonomy of player types is a classification of video game players based on the research of Richard Bartle. This classification also works for 'gamers' in the workplace.

Just like Myers-Briggs helps employers understand personality types, the Bartle Test of Psychology can help employers understand player types.When designing incentives, awards, and 'games', knowing the player mix can have massive impacts on your outcome.

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Achievers are defined by a focus on obtaining status and achieving preset goals quickly or completely. Achievers roughly make up about 10% of the workforce.

Goal-Oriented: Achievers are primarily motivated by achieving in-game objectives and goals. They enjoy completing quests, collecting rare items, and gaining levels or achievements.

Progress-Driven: They thrive on measurable progress and competition, often seeking recognition for their accomplishments.

Focused on Rewards: Achievers enjoy the rewards and recognition that come with their achievements. They are the players who often excel in competitive aspects of games.

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Roughly 10% of the salesforce are Explorers. Explorers are defined by a focus on exploring and a drive to discover the unknown. This translates to sales as being highly motivated to find the next big client or industry to target.

Curious and Inquisitive: Explorers are driven by their curiosity about the game world. They love discovering hidden secrets, exploring uncharted areas, and learning about the game's lore.

Knowledge-Seekers: They may not be concerned with competition or socializing; instead, they derive satisfaction from mastering the game's mechanics and understanding its inner workings.

Enjoy Discovery: Explorers find joy in the journey of uncovering new aspects of the game world rather than just the end result.

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By far the largest group (80%), Socialites are defined by a focus on socializing and a drive to develop a network of friends and contacts.

People-Oriented: Socializers are motivated by building and nurturing relationships with other players. They thrive on interaction, collaboration, and social aspects of the game.

Community Builders: They often form or join guilds, clans, or groups and are more interested in the social dynamics of the game than in achieving specific objectives.

Enjoyment through Interaction: Socializers find the game more enjoyable when they can chat, cooperate, or compete with other players. Their primary focus is on the social experience.



Killers are defined by a focus on winning, rank and direct peer-to-peer competition. They typically work alone and make up less than 1% of the workforce.

Competitive and Aggressive: Killers are driven by competition and challenge. They enjoy engaging in combat, defeating other players, and exerting dominance.

Conflict-Seeking: They may not necessarily be interested in the game's story or socializing; instead, they relish the thrill of outsmarting or overpowering opponents.

Power and Control: Killers often seek to gain power or control over others in the game, whether through strategic play or sheer force.

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