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Reward & Merchandise FAQ

Tell me more. 

Why should I consider a Reward Store for my company? 

Whatever your objective, having a Reward Store will help get you there. Whether you're aiming to boost engagement, improve retention, foster workplace culture, or simply build excitement - everyone loves great swag.

But specifically, why Reward Store?

Reward Store is an all-in-one solution, freeing you up to stay in your lane. We handle everything from start to finish - tracking stock, adding those special touches, packaging each order with care, and delivering straight to your recipients.

But wait, there's more! We've handpicked a fantastic selection of options to ensure you get the most out of your Reward Store experience. From seamless onboarding to delightful birthday and anniversary surprises, from personalized packaging to exciting monthly additions, and even cash-back rewards on your store purchases - we've got it all covered! We take pride in providing a comprehensive solution for all your employee and customer engagement needs.

What types of industries do you serve?

The POSER family of brands - and Reward Store specifically - are fortunate to serve hundreds of companies across various industries including:

Residential and Commercial Solar
Residential and Commercial Security
Retail Sales
Health and Wellness
Residential and Commercial Construction
Sports Teams
Colleges and Universities
Financial Planning
What types of rewards and gifts are available?

In this global economy with access to craftsmen and artisans worldwide, the sky is the limit! From the humble sweatshirt that is guaranteed to become the new favorite to a fully customized, tricked-out skateboard (and all the cool stuff in between) we can give just about anything swagger.

What types of decorations are available?

Decorations are only limited by your imagination. From textured rubber patches, to holographic logos and laser etching, to mixed-media embroidery - we geek out over this stuff! AND with specialty vinyl that can take a beating in the washer and full scale sublimation printing, the quality and duration of decorations has never been better.

What is a collection?

Each collection starts with 21 items selected for a particular audience, purpose, and price point. We have no restrictions on the number of collections you can have.

Will my Reward Store show pricing?

That's entirely up to you. We have the ability to show MSRP or hide prices.

Are there order minimums?

Nope. While we absolutely offer bulk orders and storage solutions, we have a fantastic roster of suppliers who prioritize quality over quantity.

What is the turn around time for merch?

Branded products are decorated on demand and most items ship within a week.

  • Most apparel items allow for a quick turnaround time of 2-5 business days.
  • Specialty apparel and non-apparel items typically leave our shop in 3-7 business days.
  • Bulk promotional or custom requests are quoted individually both in price and completion date. For example, the turnaround time for 1,000 engraved Stanley water bottles will be longer than 500 custom tees. Your "in-hand" date is what matters to us, and we have options to accommodate just about any situation.

*Please note that orders made after 2 pm EST will not begin production until the next business day.

Where can items be shipped?

Reward Store items can be shipped to any US state or territory. Our preferred shipping services include UPS and USPS.

I want a specific item in my Reward Store. Can you add it? 

Yes, your store is YOUR store! Let us know what you're looking for and we'll make it happen.

Can I get custom packaging?

How custom do you want to get? We offer complete custom packaging options including boxes, tape, tissue paper, handwritten Thank You cards, stickers and more!

Can I add or remove a la cart services later?

Of course! While some services may require a minimum commitment, we're flexible to accommodate your changing needs.

I'm still working through a bulk order we made last season. Can I send it to you for fulfillment?

Yes, we offer storage solutions for items already produced. Contact you Reward Store rep to discuss the specifics.

I need swag for a promotion/event/team retreat. Do you handle group orders? 
We've got you covered. Desperate for cool swag for a sales retreat? Need tees for an event? Ready to launch a new promotion? Whether you are shopping for 10 or 10,000 our mission remains the same - matching you with gear that leaves a lasting impression.
What file type do you need for my logo?

Preferred file types include: psd, png, pdf, or vector. Reward Stores offer up to 3 different logo designs/color ways.

Ready to level up your logo? We also offer Graphic Design services.

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are the set of rules that define the overall look and feel of your brand. They help you build a brand identity that your audience can recognize across all platforms. A comprehensive brand style guide outlines everything from your typography and color palette to your tone of voice and mission statement.

Brand guidelines, although not required, are very helpful to us. We want to make sure your Reward Store looks like you.

The HOT-100

The very best of the Reward Store catalog

Check-out of curated list of the 100 hottest, most in-demand items on the market. Just image how great these will look with your brand embellishments!


Reward Store is part of the POSER family of brands, harnessing unbeatable merchandising solutions that skyrocket the exposure and relevance of our partners' brands. We don't simply excel at this; we assert dominance. 👊