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Branded Merch

What is branded merchandise?

The easiest way to describe branded merchandise is that they are promotional items adorned with your company's logo or tagline.

You're likely familiar with these types of products: think clothing, stationery, gadgets, or any other item that can feature your brand's emblem and get your name out into the world.

Their main objective is to enhance the recognition and interaction of your brand with potential customers. A carefully planned strategy for your branded merchandise, featuring the appropriate products, can significantly elevate your brand's prominence.

The key consideration is determining which products are the best fit for this purpose.

Understanding the impact of branded merchandise

So, why should you care about using branded merchandise in the first place?

Let's look at the positive impact of an effective branded merchandise strategy and what it can do for businesses of all sizes.

Enhancing corporate identity and brand experience

Branded merchandise serves as a physical embodiment of your brand's values.

More than just a logo, it's a representation of the entire brand experience. Items like branded T-shirts embody and communicate the lifestyle and principles your brand stands for.

Customers and employees wearing these items become brand advocates, extending your brand's reach, while the consistent visibility and use of these products solidify your brand's identity.

Continuous and cost-effective advertising

The power of branded merchandise lies in its ability to provide ongoing, unobtrusive advertising.

Whether it's a branded water bottle or a pen, these items keep your brand in constant view. Long-lasting, quality items prove to be economical marketing tools, offering prolonged exposure and generating many impressions over time.

Strengthening corporate culture and employee engagement

Internally, branded merchandise significantly contributes to cultivating a strong corporate culture and a sense of unity among employees.

For instance, company-branded apparel can enhance team spirit and affirm a shared corporate identity. This not only elevates employee morale and cohesion but also instills pride in the workplace.

Branded items in the office, like stationery and decor, further reinforce this, helping employees connect more deeply with the brand's mission and values. Proud and engaged employees often become brand champions outside the office, expanding your brand's influence even further!

Building and nurturing client and customer relationships

In the realm of business, strengthening client and customer relationships is a must.

Branded merchandise is an excellent tool for fostering these relationships — gifting branded items is a gesture of appreciation that keeps your brand in the recipients' minds.

Meanwhile, promotional items distributed at events can initiate and cultivate relationships, potentially leading to lasting partnerships. This approach also triggers a sense of reciprocity; receiving a valuable item often prompts recipients to engage with your brand or make a purchase, enhancing customer engagement and loyalty.

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Our favorite examples of branded merchandise

There's a certain caveat to using branded merchandise as part of your brand strategy.

You need to choose high-quality items that people will want to use!

Don't settle for any old branded merch — thoughtful consideration goes a long way for both employees and customers alike.

Here's the good news: there are so many categories of branded merchandise to choose from.

Check out some of our favorite categories (and great options from Swag.com, too!)

T-shirts and other apparel

T-shirts and apparel make for classic branded merch.

The good news is that the classics work — as long as they're done correctly!

Look for quality materials and fit. For an easy solution, we can't recommend the Swag.com Polyblend Crew enough: it combines ring-spun cotton and durable polyester for a top-notch fit and comfort level. It also comes in 17 different colors!

It's hard to go wrong with a hoodie, too. The Bella Hoodie is the ideal combination of comfort, style, and fit. It's a hoodie your employees and customers will never want to take off.

Water bottles

When it comes to branded merch that everyone can use, it's hard to beat a trusty water bottle!

Branded water bottles are a trendy and functional choice for corporate merchandise. The key is in selecting a product that combines practicality with style.

Take the 16.9oz Silo Bottle from Swag.com for example.

With its double-wall, stainless steel construction and copper vacuum insulation, it's designed to keep drinks at the perfect temperature. Available in a variety of colors, this bottle is not just a utility item, but a fashionable accessory.

It's a perfect blend of elegance and usefulness, making it a bottle that your staff and clients will love to use every day.

Coffee mugs and tumblers

Coffee connoisseurs deserve some amazing branded merch options, too!

For many, a quality coffee mug and tumbler are two essential items in everyday life, making them perfect options for branded merchandise.

The key to success is choosing mugs and tumblers that combine function with style.

The 12oz Cork Camper Mug, with its unique cork design and sturdy build, is more than just a mug - it's a conversation starter. We know your audience will love it!

For a travel-ready tumbler, we love the 18oz Swell Tumbler. Known for its sleek design and exceptional temperature retention, it's the kind of tumbler your team and clients will want to carry everywhere.

Backpacks and other bags

Nothing says "functional branded merchandise" quite like backpacks and bags.

Nearly everyone can find a use for a great backpack or tote bag — that's what makes them such a fantastic branded merchandise choice!

For a stylish and functional backpack, we recommend the OGIO Rockwell Backpack. It features crosshatch textured fabric and an innovative design that perfectly blends style and functionality.

A quicker and more affordable option would be the Daily Grind Tote. From the beach to grocery runs and beyond, there's nothing better than a go-to tote bag!

Tech accessories

The right tech accessories can make incredible branded merchandise — especially if you know your audience well and can deliver the tech that they'll love.

With so many of us on our phones, it's hard to go wrong with a portable charger like the Nimble Lite Portable Charger from Swag.com. This compact, eco-friendly power source keeps devices charged on-the-go, a must-have for the tech-savvy.

Do you have some music lover employees and clients? If so, the JBL Go 3 Speaker is what you need. It's not just a speaker; it's an experience enhancer, perfect for both office and leisure environments!

Health and wellness products

Personalizing your branded merchandise is key — if you have some fitness fanatics, why not get into some health and wellness products?

A classic fitness towel is a great place to start. The Premium Fitness Towel from Swag.com is a fantastic option for everyone from hikers to gym rats.

If you really want to kick your branded merchandise strategy up a notch, consider the Theragun Mini — your fitness-obsessed clients and employees won't be able to get enough of it!


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